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The Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund is a UK registered charity that provides support to students of architecture who wish to enter the architectural lighting design profession.

It has been set up at the behest of the late Jonathan Speirs to allow ‘A Student of Architecture to investigate the study of Architectural Lighting Design’.

We are entirely funded by donations, particularly from the lighting, architecture, and engineering communities. We urgently need your support. Please give generously.



Despite the rapid growth of architectural lighting design across the world there is still only a limited system of formal education within the field. This is despite the presence of a number of national and international associations that represent the area of work.

Whilst the situation is steadily improving it is still the case that if you wish to become an architectural lighting designer it is likely that you will only be able to gain your formal training through the study of architecture, interior design, theatre design or a similar creative and technical field prior to receiving your actual lighting education through practice.

Speirs + Major Copenhagen Opera House Lighting Design
Speirs + Major Armani Fifth Avenue Lighting Design
Speirs + Major Copenhagen Opera House Lighting Design
Speirs + Major Burj Al Arab Lighting Design


Are you interested in being considered for a scholarship? The Fund Board will accept letters of recommendation from the Head or Principal of an accredited school of architecture in the UK or the US for students to receive an award. The letter can be accompanied by a short personal statement from the candidate and any supporting information.

The successful student must meet the following criteria:

1. Show creativity and passion for lighting.
2. Be hard working.
3. Have a financial need.
4. Be studying at an accredited school of architecture.

Students who are interested in being considered should contact the Head or Principal of their school and ask them to formally approach the Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund.

The number of students funded and the amount of funding per student is at the discretion of the trustees and managing board of the Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund.



Dr. Jonathan Speirs (1958-2012)
D.Sc., Dip. Arch, B.Sc (Hons), RIBA, FRIAS, PLDA, FRSA, Hon.IALD, Hon.FSLL

Jonathan Speirs was one of the world’s leading architectural lighting designers. He is widely acknowledged as not only having been a pioneer of the profession of architectural lighting design in the UK but also a considerable influence on the work of a generation of lighting designers across the world.

He was originally trained and educated as an architect before moving into the field of architectural lighting where he developed both his creative and technical skills through experience whilst leaning on his formal professional training. It was Jonathan’s wish that other architects might realise the possibility to move from architecture into lighting design as he did. He recognised that so doing not only required passion and hard work but also represented a substantial financial risk by moving from a formal vocational training into a new and expanding profession.