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The Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund is a UK registered charity that was set up to provide support to students of architecture wishing to enter the architectural lighting design profession.

It’s original mandate was to do so for 10 years. It concluded its mission in 2023. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our supporters for their generosity and once again extend our congratulations to the 16 students who were recipients of a JSSF scholarship. Also to the many universities and other places of further education in the UK and US who so kindly nominated candidates over the last decade.

The Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund is a UK registered charity that provides support to students of architecture who wish to enter the architectural lighting design profession.

It has been set up at the behest of the late Jonathan Speirs to allow ‘A Student of Architecture to investigate the study of Architectural Lighting Design’.


““We are delighted to announce that the joint winners of the 2022/2023 scholarship award are Edward Turner (Royal College of Art, UK) and Samuel Walker (Coventry University, UK). We were also in a position to be able to award three commendation awards, to Chen Weiting (University College London, UK), Jade Atkins (Northumbria University, UK), and Jingwen Song (University of Michigan, US). We are so pleased to be able to support these students in their studies, and help them deepen their love of light.

When the Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund was launched in 2013, we pledged to award at least one scholarship to a student of architecture per year for ten years. We have now reached the conclusion of our mission to assist students in their studies and follow their passion for light. Over the past ten years we are very proud to have awarded 16 scholars and helped an additional five students with commendation awards.

We would not have been able to do this without the outstanding support of a number of individuals and organisations who have been so generous with their donations over the years; very special thanks goes to our Benefactors (as listed on our Friends page). We have been able to raise over £200,000 to distribute to our scholars and commended students over the past 10 years.

A massive thank you also needs to be extended to our four Trustees – John Roake, Mark Major, Paul Gregory and David Speirs, without whom the scholarship would never have happened, and to Karina Armburg Jennings for all her administrative help. The board would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Alex Shall at Praxis for offering pro bono assistance with our accounts, Simon Watson at SwearingDad Design for building and maintaining our website and Telli Nourkeyhani for designing our fabulous logo all the way back in 2012.”

John Roake / Chairman / September 2023