Joint Winners Announced for 2018/19 Award

The Trustees of The Jonathan Speirs Scholarship Fund are delighted to announce two winners for the 2018/2019 award. The recipients selected this year are Apoorva Jalindre of the University of Michigan and Merethe Granhus of London Metropolitan University.

This year presented another excellent shortlist culminating in the selection of two outstanding scholars with completely different approaches, but with a clear understanding of light as not just a medium by which to visualise but also using it as a tool to enhance the experience of the viewer. Both scholars presented projects that have a social element we enjoyed discussing. Merethe presented a project that uses virtual reality to tell a story from the remains of a whale which becomes the centrepiece of a Museum in Milazzo, Sicily. She plans to complete the project in reality for others to experience. Apoorva’s approach is about well-being and the benefits of careful lighting design in creating a healthier environment. She is planning to use her research in a Living & Learning centre which helps autistic children. Both are worthy and responsible projects which we are happy to encourage with the aid of the Scholarship.

Congratulations Apoorva and Merethe!